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Lonsec Retire is a central point of access for objectives-based retirement portfolio construction innovation and thought leadership, giving financial advisers the tools and strategies to provide better retirement solutions for their clients.

We offer a comprehensive service to subscribers across three advice modules - Research, Solutions and Industry Panel.

Latest research

Industry Panel

The Industry Panel brings together a select range of thought leaders who specialise in retirement strategies and advice. Recent contributions from the Panel include:

  • Plato Investment Management discusses the dividend opportunities among global stocks that many Australian investors are ignoring.
  • SSgA argues that focusing blindly on recent dividends and ignoring other company fundamentals can be at the expense of shorter-term return and risk objectives.
  • BT Investment Management puts recent market swings into perspective and discusses some of the many benefits that staying invested for the longer term can bring.
  • Invesco discusses how multi-asset investing can help smooth the investment journey for retirees.
  • Macquarie Investment Management seeks to explain sequence of return risk and to show its impact is magnified by increasing the level of income drawn from a portfolio.
  • IML argues that increasing equity exposure for the retiree does not have to be a daunting move.
  • AB explores a potential solution to one of the Australian superannuation industry’s biggest challenges—helping plan members make the transition to retirement.
  • Colonial First State Investments applies lessons from traditional income asset classes to equity markets and discusses the implications of such strategies


Introducing GBA

Lonsec Retire is excited to announce the launch of its Goals Based Analysis (GBA) tool for financial advisers.

By considering your client’s future behavioural, economic and investment factors, GBA helps forecast likely outcomes, giving your client confidence in their current retirement strategy or allowing them to consider remodelling their strategy in case the future’s looking less bright than they anticipated.


Perspective: Mortality Credits: A Primer

Mortality credits are a potentially valuable source of return for longer-lived retirees. They rely on pooling between survivors and other investors, such as those who surrender their contract or those who die early.

This paper analyses the potential mortality credits available in a range of annuity products, and illustrates the importance of understanding annuity product features, such as liquidity conditions, as these have a material impact on investor returns.


The Age Pension Series

From an Australian perspective, the age pension is perhaps the most important consideration for retirees and is in many ways the perfect retirement income product. Surprisingly, it is largely neglected when detailed analysis of client outcomes are considered.

The Age Pension Series looks at the dynamics of the age pension within an Australian context and assesses the implications for retirement planning and associated strategies.

Read more about the Age Pension Series

Retirement Chart Pack

The Chart Pack can be used with clients to discuss common concepts relating to retiree financial planning.

Topics covered include sequencing risk, longevity risk, the tradeoff between longevity and certainty, objectives based portfolio construction and stages of the investment lifecycle.


Retirement Lifestyle Portfolios

The Retirement Lifestyle Portfolios are objectives based portfolios focusing on delivering a sustainable level of income in retirement, as well as generating capital growth.

Three portfolios have been constructed to provide advisers flexibility in terms of meeting retirees' income and capital objectives, which will vary depending on individual circumstances and lifestyle goals.


Recent Activity

Why you shouldn’t ignore the dividend opportunities of global stocks

Date July 1st 2016
Author Don Hamson, Plato Investment Managment
Category Blog

On June 16 this year, the quest for income became even more desperate. The Australian 10-year Government bond yield slumped below 2 per cent for the first time ever. The record lows highlight just how difficult it is for an investor to find good income generating assets.

So it’s no surprise, and understandable, that most investors favour Australian equities given the benefits of fully franked dividends.


Drawing parallels between the Euros and equity income

Date June 24th 2016
Author Investors Mutual Ltd
Category Blog

The European Football Championship (colloquially known as the Euros) is in full swing, with tournament hosts France looking to give themselves every opportunity to win their first major trophy since the year 2000.

But the key question we ask here is: how does a team win a sporting event of this calibre and put itself in a position to consistently deliver and reach its objectives?

As a little fun, we thought we would look for a correlation between the historical success (or failure) of teams within the Euros and the building of an Equity Income portfolio.


Helping Australian retirees to solve the retirement conundrum

Date June 20th 2016
Author Roy Maslen, Chief Investment Officer - Australian Equities, AB
Category Blog

The investment industry in Australia is increasingly engaged in attempting to solve the so-called “retirement conundrum” - how can retirees balance their need for high returns over the long term to reduce the chance of outliving their savings (longevity risk) with the need to protect their portfolios from market losses (drawdown risk)—the recovery from which is made harder because they are using their savings to pay their living costs?