Approved Product List

The Retirement APL includes a broad range of quality products, researched by Lonsec, which may be used to construct a diversified retirement portfolio. It also provides guidance on the exposure each product has to those risks most relevant to retirees.

The APL consists of three product categories - Yield, Capital Growth and Risk Control.


The yield component of the APL includes investments ranging from equities through to cash. The common feature of each of these products is a focus on generating yield or a certain level of income. Each of these products will have differing risk return characteristics.

Capital growth

The capital growth component of the APL includes products designed to generate long term capital growth, with a limited focus on income.

Risk control

The risk control component of the APL includes products designed to reduce some of the risks associated with being exposed to the market via products in the yield and capital growth components, as well as managing other risks such as inflation risk.

These products will not eliminate these risks, but will assist in managing them.

Types of risk

  • Equity Market Risk (Sequencing Risk)
  • Inflation Risk (Real Return Risk)
  • Longevity Risk
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Liquidity Risk