Goals Based Analysis (GBA) Tool

Just what are your client’s pre and post-retirement goals? Do they want to be able to leave some money to beneficiaries? Go on a long holiday? How much money will they feel comfortable living off each year... for the rest of their lives?

The decisions your client makes now can impact on their ability to meet their retirement goals in the future.

While the Lonsec Retire GBA tool is no fortune teller, it does ask the right questions to help you provide a clearer picture of what your client’s future might look like — for better or worse.

By considering your client’s future behavioural, economic and investment factors, GBA helps forecast likely outcomes, giving your client confidence in their current retirement strategy or allowing them to consider remodelling their strategy in case the future’s looking less bright than they anticipated.

Most importantly, GBA helps you to have that increasingly critical discussion with your client about their retirement, guiding them to really consider what they need to do to have the most comfortable and enjoyable retirement possible.

Ultimately, the GBA helps your clients bridge the gap between their investment strategy and their goals.

Key features

The interactive nature of GBA allows you to:

• run forward-looking scenarios to assess the impact of reprioritising goals;

• put goals on hold or remove goals completely;

• assess the impact that your client’s behavioural changes may have on the likelihood of achieving their goals (such as contributing more to super and salary sacrificing); and importantly

• GBA will show you the impact of how a change in investment strategy can affect the likelihood of achieving goals, and the risk taken in doing so.

Lonsec & Milliman

The GBA combines the actuarial expertise of Milliman with the capital markets insight of Lonsec to help you model the likelihood of achieving your client’s goals by considering their current investment strategy and their eligibility for the age pension in retirement.

GBA is available exclusively to Lonsec Retire subscribers.