Tailored Solutions

Lonsec Investment Consulting can tailor an approved product list or model portfolio solution for subscribers, specifically designed for the retiree market.

Lonsec has a well-resourced and experienced investment consulting team that is focused on delivering tailored solutions to retail clients in Australia and New Zealand. This team is dedicated to tailoring solutions for clients – members of the team do not split their time between consulting and fund-specific research, nor do they have obligations to service both dealer group clients and institutional clients.

The key strengths of Lonsec’s research and investment consulting service include:

Well resourced specialist consulting team

Lonsec has a stand-alone team of experienced consulting specialists to deliver high quality services to clients.

Implementation and results

Proven track record in assisting clients in transitioning to new advice solutions, such as model portfolios and asset allocation advice.

Proven track record in delivering performance, within the context of the client’s stated objectives.

Bespoke advice

Lonsec works closely with clients to understand their unique needs. The advice provided to clients is tailored specifically to those needs, ranging from the actual advice through to the look and feel of reports.

Large research team

Lonsec’s research team is the largest in the Australian market, resulting in a low product-per-analyst load. This ensures timely, in-depth research across a broad number of sectors and sub-sectors.

Breadth of research coverage

Lonsec has analysts able to provide information and support across all investment sectors and sub-sectors, spanning traditional managed funds through to direct assets and alternatives, as well as listed investments such as Exchange Traded Funds.

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